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What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?
23. May 2020 Kristina Trolle
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It’s a weird time we live in. It seems like everyone’s scared of something. Some are afraid of Corona and infection, others of vaccines, existence, and economy or deprivation of our freedom. Fear really divides people these days.

I’ve stopped watching the news. The inner net is the new internet. In order to navigate and trust in my reality, I need to have my intuition with me.

On Saturday, a demonstration for freedom was held on the Town Hall Square, in which I wanted to support. I attend astrology classes on Saturdays, and left a little earlier to be able to join. Unfortunately, the demonstration ended early and I did not make it.

 When I returned to Østerbro, I was hit by a feeling of emptiness and powerlessness. I almost had a hangover of feeling bad over not being able to contribute. 

Being overwhelmed by my emotions and my need to soothe, in a reality that most of all reminds you of a dream you never wake up from, I bought a pair of nice sneakers on my way home, adding to my current collection. They were 30% off – corona discount! Barely a week later, the sneakers are still unused.

The hangover is now subsiding and I see more clearly. I want to do something. I feel like contributing into something that brings together instead of disassembling. Which unites instead of separating.

We do not solve things by soothing. We solve them by acting. And to act, it helps to set an intention. The intention does that we can better set the compass, and take and walk the steps. 

My friend Lars Muhl has written a song. The song is about the divine power we possess. And how, by blessing and taking care of each other, can make a difference in an otherwise chaotic world. It is an intention that I think fits in with the reality we are in.

Therefore, I would invite you to sing this song with me every night next week, no matter what you believe in and whether you are afraid of something or not. I go live at 8.00 p.m.

Monday-Friday, I will guide a short meditation and together we sing the song May God bless you. We gather together and bless, and send good energy to the earth and to each other. It takes 5 minutes, and in them we set a direction for ourselves and for all of us. When you say the important things out loud, write them down or sing them and set a course.

Let us therefore come together and be strong, and for something, instead of being afraid. Let us gather together for peace, for love and joy. In trust and with the wisdom that the more we stand together, the more we can change and influence.

Below you will find a link to the video. I hope you will join.

With love,


“This song came to me in exactly the same way as the song ‘Angel’. Yes, actually like an angel walking through the living room. It was just a matter of being on the spot and capturing the words and the music. The song is about what divine power we possess, and how we, by blessing each other, can make a difference in an otherwise chaotic world.” – Lars Muhl