Be Whole
Be Whole



The set consists of 44 large affirmation cards in three colors and gold print. The cards are powerful and of high quality with a glossy surface. In addition, you get a guide on how to get the most out of them, and the whole set is packed in a tasteful, light blue box with gold print. The cards are 95 mm wide and 140 mm high.

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44 inspirational messages that will help you open up to the power of the universe.

These 44 wisdom cards can give you spiritual guidance every day. They will help you find strength when you are weak, find your way when you get lost, and provide security when you feel insecure. Every day, the cards will guide you to positive thoughts and help you to be able to feel yourself, your body and love in your life. On all the cards you will find the powerful words I AM. They help to create your reality, and manifest the affirmation that is described afterwards on each card. You draw a card in the morning, and say the affirmation aloud several times throughout the day – or repeat it in your head if you are not alone. You can also ask the cards what you need the most right now, and then flip the card your intuition shows you the way to.

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