Be Whole
Be Whole


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We have created this yoga mat to remind you to let go of the need to perform.

The need to perform arises when you think that you must be able to do something special to be worthy.

It occurs when you forget how amazing you are, just by being who you are.

Yoga is a physical and spiritual journey.

It’s about getting out of the head, and being present in the body.

The yoga mat with the sun reminds you, that you do not have to compare yourself with others.

You are enough.


The yoga mat is made of natural rubber, which is environmentally friendly, and no chemicals or aromas have been added to the production. It is 184 cm long and 5 mm thick.

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How to Care of Your Whole Woman Yoga Mat

A good advice is to clean the yoga mat with a damp cloth and a little soap and tap water before and after use. Remember to dry when the mat is flat so the mat does not become slippery. Do not use cleaning products that have essential oil or oily ingredients.

The fine air holes on the surface of the yoga mat make it quick drying. After training, simply lay it flat in a ventilated area so that the entire mat can dry.

When the mat is not in use and needs to be rolled up, roll it up with the logo facing outwards to prevent wrinkles on the surface.

Be aware that the yoga mat is made of a material that can absorb moisture. This makes it sensitive to stains, especially oil stains. So avoid oil on the body during your exercise.

When the yoga mat is brand new, it will smell of natural rubber. This is because we don’t add chemistry and aroma to the production. Natural rubber is environmentally friendly and healthy. The smell disappears by itself after a couple of weeks.

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