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Be Whole



To-Go bamboo cup for your coffee, tea or other drink with “to go” drink lid.

The cup is produced using bamboo and corn starch as well as other natural materials and is dishwasher safe.

  •   Can contain up to 250ml
  •   Vegan
  •       Reusable
  •   BPA, phthalate and pesticide free

The idea behind the cup is to help you awaken.

You can enjoy your morning coffee at home or take your coffee and your whole woman message with you on the road.

We live in a world where it is so easy to be distracted.

The cup with the third eye reminds you that you are more than your body, and reminds you to listen to your intuition.

It encourages you to enjoy both coffee and life while waking up.

Waking up in the morning and waking up to the awareness that you are a soul living in a body.

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Made from 40% bamboo fibre, 30% corn starch, and 30% melamine – all biodegradable materials.

BPA, phthalate and pesticide free

Dishwasher safe but cannot be microwaved

Withstands no more than 70 degrees C. of hot content nor soaking.

Produced in an ethical work environment.

The cup is made of bamboo which is a perennial grass species. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow up to 60 cm per. day. The growth of bamboo requires neither pesticides nor chemicals in order to grow, making it the most useful and sustainable crop in the world. The production process is environmentally friendly since less energy is used compared to the production of plastic and this helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Comes in a box made from recyclable cardboard.

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