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See yourself

See yourself
8. December 2019 Kristina Trolle
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Seeing ourselves is difficult, and many of us spend our entire lives getting to know ourselves. It’s so easy to blame others and point your fingers outward, and see everything the others are doing wrong. To see oneself means to see it all. Both what is nice and what is less nice.

We all have dark sides; sides of ourselves we are not proud of, and do not quite want to accept. Even the most spiritual teacher has dark sides/shadowy sides, and those who say they do not have, are in my opinion, the ones who have the most.

Many of us try to suppress the dark sides by pretending they are not there, or by not wanting to face them completely. Dark sides are needed. There is a correlation to everything. If there was no hatred in us, we would not be able to feel love. If there were no darkness, there would be no light either. Contradictions are needed. 

In other words, having shadows is part of being human. When we recognize that we have them and integrate them instead of suppressing them, they are no longer “dangerous” and are not as easily allowed to control our lives. The ego comes in many disguises that can be more or less transparent to us.

It is difficult to distinguish what is ego or shadows and what is not.

The ego is cunning and can be wrapped in mercy, spirituality and selflessness. It’s hard to spot. The ego always wants something in return. It does not do anything without getting something out of it. So notice if you are giving to receive thanks or attention, or if you are driven from your heart. It may feel embarrassing to admit that you sometimes give to get back. It’s about seeing it, because when we see it, we can change it. And we ALL fall into the trap of the ego every now and then.

Just because you say you are spiritual or go the inner way does not mean you are free of the ego. On the contrary, I often experience that it can get worse. Many of us are so preoccupied with wanting to be something special, that sometimes it would be nice if the ego was right and just was allowed to control things.

I, myself, need to stay on track, which is the main reason I do what I do. All the products I have created are initially created to help myself navigate in life. The world has enough products, in my opinion. What I create must have an intention, a purpose; it must help and support others who, like me, may have difficulty navigating.

Christmas is a time when many of us are confronted with both our own and others’ shadowy sides. It is a time when we may need to see ourselves, look inwards and feel.

That’s what I’m here for. To remind you of that. At the same time, I also remind myself of it, and I need at least as much to be reminded of it as you do.

With Love


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