Be Whole
Be Whole



Whole Woman is about freeing yourself from expectations and achievements. It is about living a life that liberates, instead of limiting; and about exploring the feminine qualities and all the power and great potential you hold within.

All my products are created with an intention. An intention to remind you, that you are amazing, because you are you. They are created to remind you of who you are, every single day. You are enough and you can calmly trust yourself, your intuition, life and the universe. They help you find contact with yourself and your body, and show you that being vulnerable is both powerful and beautiful.

The Whole Woman universe consists of workshops and courses, but also of retreats in beautiful and amazing places. In my webshop you can find products and books that support you and show the way to peace of mind.

Whole Woman mission

To build a sustainable and healthy female ideal, where inner strength, awareness, healthy mind and self-acceptance replace diets, addiction and personal unbalance. Healthy women who create a sustainable life, with a healthy anchoring in body and soul.

Whole Woman activates the forces and all the potential that woman hood holds. The intention is to unite body, mind and soul in the work with women’s inner strength, self-esteem and self-love. Encouraging women to stop striving for perfection and make them feel at home in their bodies as they are.

Many women in the western world are subject to expectations both from within and outside of themselves. It must stop. Women possess an enormous inner power.

It is a special combination of feminine strength, a calmness and spiritual depth that the world needs in its pure form.

When we come in contact with that force from within, uncertainty, unhealthy patterns, performance, and the need to please others disappear.

The Whole Woman concept is about creating with intention – finding the deeper meaning. Our concept and products support women in finding their way to the place where authenticity, courage and the whole understanding live. The purpose of our universe is to serve as a daily reminder of the concept’s philosophy. It is not enough that something is beautiful, it must be felt; a Whole Woman wants to live, feel and touch.

The concept is aimed at women, women who want to live authentically, and are open to the spiritual way, or are on the way. It is aimed at women who prioritize their appearance, but do not allow themselves to be dictated by ideals.