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I have 2 training plans: my spiritual training plan and my physical training plan

I have 2 training plans: my spiritual training plan and my physical training plan
24. September 2020 Kristina Trolle
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For many years, I only had one physical exercise plan so it was enthusiastically followed! For the past 15 years, I have had both a physical and a spiritual training plan. They are both an integral part of my daily life and they are both important. However the spiritual is the most important. And even though it’s the most important thing, it’s always the one I stumble on first. The problem is that when I stumble on the spiritual training plan, it is only a matter of time before I also stumble on the physical one. Everything runs better in my life when I keep both of my workout plans.

My spiritual training plan keeps me focused, and makes me go more consciously and intentionally into my day and into my sleep. It fine-tunes my intuition and my clairvoyance, and then it keeps my thoughts calm and undisturbed (I am quite easily distracted). When my thoughts do not disturb me, I become more efficient and able to use my powers and my creativity better. Spirituality trains my gratitude and sharpens my empathy and care for myself and others. It connects me to my heart, and supports it into opening up a little more each day.

My physical training plan allows me to better cope with my everyday life. It ensures that I can feel my body and it helps me stay grounded. It ensures that my back is healthy and strong and does not hurt. It trains my core and gives me a strong centre. It affects my sleep positively and lifts my mood. When I exercise, I get out of my head and down into my body. It allows me to better be in the moment right now.

For me, the key is to train it all. Both the spiritual and the physical. If we are to benefit from the opportunities spirituality gives us and the experiences the body gives us, it is important that we ground them both. It is about finding the balance between heaven and earth and uniting the 2 things. We find the balance when we train it ALL. It makes us both strong and vulnerable, and both confident and brave. And it is important that we have contact with our feminine power. The world needs it.

I have made 2 videos to help inspire you. One is my spiritual training routine – and the other is the physical.

Make your own routines, and borrow everything you want from mine.

Happy training!

With love, Kristina


My spiritual training routine

This video is a summary of my spiritual “training plan” and morning routine. I try as much as possible to keep roughly the same routine every morning. It’s my spiritual training. It helps me stay focused and remain in the moment throughout the day.

As soon as I get up, I get on my knees and connect to my body, my breathing, my heart and the universe. I pray one or two prayers (the book in the video is Lars Muhl’s “Gudsformelen”) I remind myself that I am more than a body. I am a soul who is here to learn.

I apply oil to my third eye. It helps me see clearly and reminds me to trust my intuition all day long.

I light an incense stick to create harmony in my mind and in my surroundings.

I ask for the card I need that very day, and then draw a card. Then I write down my intention for the day so I can remember it better.

I sit in silence as long as I have time to. Some days briefly and other days a little longer.

Then I’m ready for my day.

My physical exercise routine

Physical exercise is important to me. I need to feel my body and I need to have a strong grounded connection. Movement and training provides this for me.

I often start in child pose. Here I can lie for a long time and breathe.

Then I open my hips in the 3 legged dog. It creates flow in my body.

I wake up my spine and my energy system by rolling up and down and stretching my shoulders. I make a short sun salutation (when I have more time, I take longer with this). Then I do squats, stretches and diagonal lifts and then my body is ready for the day.