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Create your own ritual

Create your own ritual
14. May 2020 Kristina Trolle
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Mornings are important because this is where we set the intention and energy for the whole day. When I consciously enter and start my day, I am more alert and more present the rest of the day.

I will share my morning routine with you, and then you can take what you can use from my routine that calls upon you, and leave the rest.

I know how hard it is for me to get back on track again after not having done it for a while, so I thought it might be nice to start together. I will show you how to do a ritual, and when the week is over you can feel the shift.

Rituals can help us transform our lives. The human mind is easily distracting and rituals/routines help me navigate my everyday life, create and stay focused.

Below are the points that I review with you, and which you subsequently can use in your morning ritual:

  •   Turn on a light and maybe also an incense stick to purify the energy
  •   Be present in the body. We have been out of the body at night and are still very open in the morning.
  •   Feel your body and you might want to do some stretching exercises or light yoga exercises.
  •   Read a morning mantra aloud (I work a lot with mantras and affirmations, because I know they work)
  •   Breathe all the way down into your stomach
  •   Silence and just be and feel what is happening inside you
  •   Read a prayer aloud (I use Divine Feminine Prayer right now but I change regularly)
  •   I pull cards at the end.

 Morning Mantra

My body is rested and my mind is clear

My day starts with positive thoughts and energy

I am relaxed, receptive and ready

My day unfolds with ease

I am supported and helped by the people around me. The universe supports me and everything I want, shall happen

I am open to the fact that amazing things can happen

I feel energetic and inspired

Creative opportunities are available to me

Nothing is holding me back

I act with trust and with determination and clarity

I am healthy, fit and in tune with the universe

Today is a wonderful day

I’m having fun today

My joy infects others

I shine and light wherever I go

I have a positive impact on the world

All is good today