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Be grateful for what you have 

Be grateful for what you have 
13. April 2020 Kristina Trolle
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These days we experience many deprivations and more closeness than we usually do. It’s hard and very different from our normality, but it’s healthy. It’s healthy to be more with your loved ones, it’s healthy not to have input from the outside all the time, and it’s also healthy to be able to feel yourself and your feelings. Our daily lives have for many been busy, and we forget to appreciate the closeness.

In the midst of the difficult chaos we find ourselves in, we must remember to be grateful for all that we have after all.

For many years I struggled with guilt over not being able to find the feeling of being gratitude. I could look around, and with my brain I could tell myself that I had every reason to be grateful, I was just not being able to find the feeling very often. There always had to be something external to activate the feeling.

I thought for a long time that I was a wretched, ungrateful person, until I discovered that gratitude is also a muscle that needs to be trained.

My gratitude muscle was so limp and underdeveloped, because I had been so busy feeling sorry for myself, dwelling in my role of being a victim and only focusing on all that I lacked and did not have, that I had completely forgotten to train it. If there is one thing our ego cannot do, it is to be grateful.

The ego always wants, never to give, and therefore stands in direct opposition to gratitude.

I realized I needed to build a routine, just like if I had to retrain a weak back or a broken leg, and I slowly built up a morning and evening routine. It only takes a few minutes, but this routine has made a significant difference in my life, for every single day and for my ability to be able to feel grateful.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is say thank you inside myself. I give thanks while I’m still lying in bed. 

I give thanks for the day, for life and for what has been and what is to come. I remind myself of whom I am – that I am not a body, but a soul with a purpose. I give thanks for the purpose of my soul, which is quite simple: to give and receive love and to be happy. When I am happy, I send out a vibration that makes the Universe send even more joy my way. If, on the other hand, I’m sad and worried all the time, then that’s what I get more of. It is simply the law of attraction that comes into force. You get more of what you send out; equal minds attract equal minds.

Before I get out of bed, I have put the plug in and connected with the Universe and the loving energy within me and around me. If you cannot relate to connecting with the Universe, then start by connecting with reality, with the day that is about to begin, and consciously enter the day with the right energy and intention and with joy. Remember that joy is a conscious choice we make.

In the end, we can only receive what we are willing to give, so if you want unconditional love or something else in your life, look carefully at whether you give just that to others.

Joy comes from within.


Notice every day everything you already have in your life. Not what you do not have, or what you lack. Just observe what you already have and for which you are grateful. Write a list each night of at least five things you have been grateful for throughout the day. Or see them inside you, one by one.

If you want to train your gratitude muscle, try my gratitude cards. They will help you train your gratitude and remember to appreciate things in your everyday life. Each day, the cards will guide you to grateful thoughts.

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