Be Whole
Be Whole

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  • Nov052020

    Do you want to help heal the world?

    Do you want to help heal the world? It may sound impossible and preachy. IT IS NOT.  The world is…

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  • Oct122020

    There are no coincidences

    I am convinced that coincidences do not exist. I base my beliefs on my own experiences and my accumulated knowledge…

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  • Sep242020

    I have 2 training plans: my spiritual training plan and my physical training plan

    For many years, I only had one physical exercise plan so it was enthusiastically followed! For the past 15 years,…

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  • Sep132020

    We are here to learn. I’m sure of that

    We are here to learn. I’m sure of that All our relationships and all the situations we end up in…

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  • Sep072020

    I am writing a new book about spirituality in everyday life.

    Atlantis We meet again – we are born again – it does not stop – until the essence of love…

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  • May232020

    What are you afraid of?

    It’s a weird time we live in. It seems like everyone’s scared of something. Some are afraid of Corona and…

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  • May142020

    Create your own ritual

    Mornings are important because this is where we set the intention and energy for the whole day. When I consciously…

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  • Apr132020

    Be grateful for what you have 

    These days we experience many deprivations and more closeness than we usually do. It’s hard and very different from our…

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  • Apr082020

    The deep breathing

    Do not underestimate the effect that breathing has on your body. Breathing all the way through, down into the stomach…

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  • Feb252020

    An impossible task

    At one point I was sitting in a restaurant in Copenhagen and had a deep, difficult and very present conversation.…

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