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Be Whole

That’s why you should never compare yourself with others

That’s why you should never compare yourself with others
17. January 2018 Kristina Trolle
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If you worry about what other people do and don’t do, then you remove focus from your own talents and gifts – yes, in fact from your own life. At the same time, you waste large amounts of the positive energy you need to stand in your own light.

When you compare yourself to others, there is a great chance that you don’t see your own path and overhear the inner voice that tells you where your heart wants to go.

You take focus and creativity away from yourself and give it to someone else. So no matter if you admire someone and wish their circumstances were yours, or if you are jealous and think why her? Why not me? So stop and pull your energy and focus home and look at your own strengths and gifts. They give a very precise clue as to what YOU are put in the world for.

It has always been both wise and healthy to be inspired by others, but dangerous to compare, as no two life paths are alike. We all have something different, we are set in the world to share and communicate. So instead of wishing what someone else has or can do, look closely at what YOU are passionate about and master. Where you’re passionate, is where you will find the way to go.

Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?

The need for recognition does not count. But where you can feel your heart burning and want to go. Even if others have walked the path that is similar to yours, then it does not matter. You will always have your special fingerprint, and that appeals to them, it is meant to appeal to, and to which you are to attract. The most important thing is that you are yourself. When you are yourself, you do not have to compare yourself to anyone at all. When you follow your own truth, you do not feel envy at all. If you are in alignment with yourself, your focus will be on yourself, and you will attract what you need.

I can still fall into the comparison trap. When I do, my energy immediately disappears and my ego takes control. It happens with envious arguments in my mind, such as: “she is also much younger than you, she is much nicer or has more of money”. The next thing that happens is that I start to find faults in those I compare myself to: “She has not given birth to 4 children, she is less well-educated and she can not even spell”.

It is all just an expression of my own insecurity and feeling of inadequacy – it has NOTHING to do with the one I compare myself to. My ego will always try to find faults in others and in myself, and it is very easy to get sucked into the illusion that what the ego says is both right and fair. But it is not.

In times where my ego has been given too much space, I have needed to do something else to change my focus. Something that helps me in those situations is that when I feel the urge to compare, I give a compliment instead. So if I, for example, see a beautiful woman on the street and my ego starts to move, then I give the woman a compliment instead. Or if I professionally feel threatened, then I like my competitor’s picture or write a nice comment. Sometimes it requires overcoming the situation, but it works. You can also make a deal with yourself to give at least one compliment to a stranger every day. That works too.

I have noticed that when I am happy and feel safe and in balance, I rarely need to compare myself to others. It is only when I get to far away from who I really am – my essence and my soul – that I turn to the ego and the comparison. It’s always only when I’m lost that it shows up.

Then I remind myself that feelings like envy, jealousy and not being able to be happy on behalf of others, just lead me further away from what I want and what I am. I then focus instead on everything I have and can, rather than everything I do not have and cannot.

I know today that when I follow my inner truth, I do not get what others have, but that doesn’t matter. I get exactly what I need.

There is enough for everyone

The universe is an inexhaustible source and there is enough for everyone. There is enough for us all to write 100 books, make a fortune or get just what we want. So even if others have achieved something, it does not mean that you cannot, there IS enough, also for you! As soon as you have indicated to the universe, that you want to serve and help others, the universe works with you and helps you achieve your goals. The universe wants the good for all of us.

Don’t compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it’s their time

We are all special, but no one is more special than others. No matter what we have accomplished, what status or recognition we have achieved, whether we are thin or chubby, tall or short, rich or poor, we are alike.

If we spend our whole lives comparing ourselves to others, then we will never find our true path, and there is also a great chance that the great purpose and the true joy will be absent.

So step into your own power, instead of worrying about others. Use your light, walk the steps you are set on Earth to walk. 

Enjoy the trip!